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The "BigTech" System Design Interview Bootcamp Coupon
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[-86% Off] The "BigTech" System Design Interview Bootcamp Course Coupon

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Master System Design Interviews: Land Your Dream Tech Job. All Topics, Hands-On Practice, & Private Community Support!

5.5 hr
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Land Your Dream Job in Big Tech: Get ready for System Design Interviews!

Do you want to take the next step in your software engineering career and land a job at one of the top tech companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Netflix, and more?

But, are you intimidated by the system design interviews and feel like you don't have enough knowledge on the large-scale architecture and design patterns? If so, this course is just what you need!

Learn from an Experienced Engineer

This course is taught by an experienced senior software engineer who has been through the same process and landed a job in big tech. You'll learn from someone who has real-world experience and has successfully guided thousands of students to reach their career goals.

No Degree Needed to Succeed

Not having a computer science degree shouldn't hold you back from landing your dream job. This course is designed for self-taught developers and boot camp graduates who want to catch up and learn the fundamentals of system design. With a focus on practical knowledge, you'll learn just enough theory to get through the interview without drowning in endless lessons.

Join a Community of Aspiring Developers

The course fee includes access to a private online community where you can connect with other students, discuss system design questions, and find a partner for mock interviews. This is a great opportunity to network and gain additional insight and feedback from your peers.

Cover Common System Design Interviews

This course covers all commonly discussed systems in system design interviews, including Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, Dropbox, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and more. You'll learn the entire interview structure step-by-step, including functional requirements engineering, non-functional requirements engineering, capacity estimations, data model design, system design, component design and more.

Easy-to-Understand Architecture & Patterns

All technologies, architectures, and patterns are explained in a way that is easy to understand, with no prior experience needed. You'll walk through real-world systems, discussing design choices and learning about microservices, load balancers, servers & clients, databases, message brokers and more.

The course goes beyond the bare minimum to prepare you for any tough interview questions. You'll drill down to the component level design to ensure you have backup knowledge to shine.

Hands-on Design Challenges

It is also applied, not just theoretical. You'll actively participate and make up your own mind about each design by using Excalidraw, a great collaborative whiteboard tool. This will help you actively follow along and reinforce your understanding of each concept.

Meet your Instructor

Your instructor is an experienced teacher with over 10,000 successful students on Udemy alone. They are a senior software engineer working in big tech and have gone through the same interview process, as well as conducting interviews from the other side of the table. With daily experience in system architecture design, they are equipped to teach you everything you need to know to master your system design interview with confidence and ease.

Don't let a lack of prior experience hold you back. Start your journey today and take your software engineering career to the next level!

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