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The Best Self-Working, Easy Card Tricks for Beginners Coupon

[25% Off] The Best Self-Working, Easy Card Tricks for Beginners Course Coupon

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Learn Killer, Self-Working Card Tricks That You Can Do Within Minutes, Require No Skill & Will Blow Peoples Minds!

1.5 hr
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Learn Ten of the Best Self Working Card Tricks Ever Created!

Would you be able to like to be able to do some easy card tricks that require no skill, very little practice  and get killer reactions from your audiences every-time?  Look no further!  In this course you are about to learn ten of the best self working card tricks ever created!

About Me

Hey,  It's Matt McGurk,

For the past 15 years I've made a great living performing all over the world as a professional magician. I've worked for Television, 6 star cruise-lines, and performed at thousands of weddings and corporate events worldwide. I've also lectured for magicians at the world famous Magic Circle in London.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Best Selling Udemy Instructor for Magic Courses ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

In 2020, I released  my first Udemy Course  "How to do Magic Tricks and Easy Card Tricks for Beginners" which quickly became one of the best selling  & highest rated Magic courses on Udemy.

About the Course

In Top Ten Killer Easy Self Working Card Tricks for Beginners - You are about to learn 10 ( Actually  11 because I put an extra bonus routine in!) absolutely killer card tricks that don't use sleight of hand and work automatically.  This means you don't have to spend hours practicing difficult moves and will be blowing peoples minds straight away!

What are Self Working Card Tricks?

Self-working card tricks don't rely on Sleight-of-Hand and are cleverly designed to work themselves! This means that you don't have to worry about getting caught doing a secret move, because there are none! Instead the tricks are super easy and  designed in such a way that you can relax and completely focus on having fun and entertaining people.

  • Perfect for Beginners

  • No Sleight of Hand Needed

  • Tricks are Super Easy

  • Perfect for all Ages

  • Use Any Deck of Cards

  • Minimal Practice - Maximum Impact

  • On-Going Teacher Support

What Will I learn in Top Ten Self Working Card Tricks for Beginners?

  • Find the spectators card but also produce the four aces, a flush and a royal flush from  a shuffled deck!

  • Learn a card trick that will win you free drinks for life!

  • A spectator freely cuts a deck of cards four times and cuts right to the four aces!

  • A spectator cuts their card into the deck as many times as they like. You tell them the exact position of the card from the top of the deck - You never touch the cards!

  • Plus loads more Killer Card Tricks!

Powerful Magic - Killer Reactions

These easy card tricks get the best reactions because in some of the tricks you don't even touch the cards!  The spectator does everything and fools themselves - and they have no idea how they did it!  This really is the most powerful kind of magic that creates an amazing impact!

Oh and you get all the credit! Awesome!

Use Any Deck of Cards

All of these Easy Self working Card Tricks can be done with any deck of cards  - So you'll always have a few card tricks that you can do anytime, anywhere with any deck of cards.

Sign up Below

Ready to learn some killer card tricks and blow peoples minds? Grab a deck of cards, sign up  and I'll see you in the course!

Praise for the Previous Course - How to Do Magic Tricks for Beginners:


'My friends and family are blown away by the tricks in here! I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who’s starting out or interested in expanding their magical capabilities.'

Kristian Spratley - Udemy Student


'Brilliant course! I can't recommend it highly enough. Matt is a great teacher and what really comes across is how much he enjoys what he does. There's no weariness or lack of interest because he's teaching "beginner" magic. His attitude is "look how awesome this!!"....and you what? He's right. Cheers Matt.'

DominicKane - Udemy Student


'I finished the course today and it is the most brilliant course.  Firstly hats off to Matt for making this topic so accessible his explanations and demos are on point every time. Secondly, the way the videos are shot is really professional and clear. Honestly I had 0 experience of magic before this course and now thanks to Matt even I can pull off 99% of the tricks Matt teaches. Finally there's Matt's obvious love of the subject which really comes across and his clear love of the subject is contagious and brilliantly encouraging. If you only buy and follow one course then this should be the one! Eagerly awaiting Matt's next course!'

Clive Nolan - Udemy Student

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