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The Art of Busking: Maximize Your Fun (and Your Earnings) Coupon

[-6% Off] The Art of Busking: Maximize Your Fun (and Your Earnings) Course Coupon

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Maximize your fun (and your earnings); shorten your learning curve and have fun from your first sessions.

3.0 hr
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Even if you thought busking is something you would never do - this course might open you up to a whole new world.

Despite growing up where "busking" is often considered something that mostly homeless people do...

A few years ago I was living in Australia, and decided that I want to give it a try.

Try to just take my guitar, go out there, and see what happens.

After one month of adventures of doing it almost every day in Byron Bay - growing to feel like the "regular contributor of sunset music" on the beach there, to 100's of people that were chilling there every afternoon... While developing awesome new connections and skills...

I knew that I've found a new love in music.

From there on, over the next few years, often when I had a spare hour or two - I would take my guitar and my amp and go out and give my music to people.

In Amsterdam, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Sri Lanka, Austin, New Orleans, California, and more.

I realized that while playing venues is awesome as well, you don't need a "venue" if you want to go out and touch people with your music, you simply need to go out with an amp and do it.

At every good busking spot, beach, street, park... In one-two hours there are often 100's if not 1000's of people that would sit down or pass by - a lot more than in a local venue.

And then it's all up to you - when you are "on it" and you magnetize them with your energies - you just made someone's moment a sweeter one. And sometimes even earned a new, authentic fan of your music.

So even if you thought that it's "not for you", that you are above that, or simply that you are not "good", "social", or "brave" enough to do it...

This course can open the doors to a new world of music for you.

A world that could give you countless hours of fun, adventures, and many new lifelong musical friends.

Some of the topics that you would learn inside:

Most of the lessons are 3-5 minutes long - short and to the point.

- Which songs are potentially the best songs that'll bring about the most fun and most tips (I'll give you my own list of 100+ songs as a starting point to test out)
- Tips on how to discover the best songs for your specific city / country.

- The ups and downs - and having the right mindset to enjoy it all.

- The trick that would always give you great song ideas, in any situation. Never again "I don't know what to play".

- Location location location - how to find the ideal busking spots in your city for fruitful sessions.

- Sometimes a cop might ask you to stop your busking session - how to deal / prevent such situations.
- Why two/three musicians instead of one are potentially 5X more musical energies (and earnings) and not just 2X, and how to find great musicians who'll join you.
- Creating a "follow my socials" sign that actually gets people to connect / follow you / tag you on their posts and stories.
- The solution for taking tips even from people who do not have cash.
- How to take tips in cryptocurrencies. The next generation of busking is here. (and it pays more generously)

- It's all about the vibe that you're putting out! A few key tips that'll help you stay in good vibes and attract great people.

- Busking has been my fastest way to improve my guitar and singing skills. I'll tell you how I take notes post-session and improve what I need to work on.
- The best gear to get based on your budget and needs. Amps, pedals, all the stuff that you want to have backups for, and more.
- A few tips that could save you from ruined busking sessions due to common gear mishaps (so you don't repeat my mistakes).

- My favorite busking pedal (a loop pedal is also a favorite, but this one is not a looper actually)

I hope that this is just the beginning of the journey for you, and I wish you many more beautiful busking sessions throughout your life.

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