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The 6 steps to unlock your confidence Coupon
Personal Development

[82% Off] The 6 steps to unlock your confidence Course Coupon

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developing the skill of self confidence and dealing with external variables

3.0 hr
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we will learn about importance of having goals in life and the extent of their impact on self confidence and moving with specific and steady steps towards goals and how to overcome challenges and obstacles and the importance of approaching the successful and imitating their steps and confidence in our capabilities and ideas and changing the negative ones to positive  to reach the desired success. failure dose not reflect the person, his thoughts, or his feelings, but it is just an unsuccessful step and must be retried many times to reach the desired goal, And as we know that one of the most important causes of loss of self-confidence, which turns against progress and success, is the crippling beliefs that are not helpful to us, but also affect our feelings because they are a major reason for the existence of negative thoughts that we get used to with time and in most studies, the existence of these beliefs consists in childhood and because they remain with us It is not a small period in our life, it also takes a not small period to change it. The most important thing is that we can differentiate between useful and unhelpful beliefs. We will be able to define them and change them into helping beliefs for positive thoughts and feelings.

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