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Tetra's Creative Guide to Software Testing and Exploration Coupon

[57% Off] Tetra's Creative Guide to Software Testing and Exploration Course Coupon

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Master software testing fundamentals essential for agile software development and testing in the modern age.

4.0 hr
15$ 34.99$
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TETRA's (The Entrance To Really Awesome) Guide to Software Testing & Exploration starts here!

Are you a software testing & QA enthusiast? Or a software developer who wants to empower their testing skills? Or none of the above but just want to thrive a career in the field of software engineering & technology?

I believe that thriving in a career in software technology, development, and testing requires strong testing skills.

By the end of this course, you will not only be a much stronger software engineer by honing a quality first mindset throughout your working career.

This is not another boring software testing guide.

It eliminates much of the dry material in a traditional education or certification for software testing. Your instructor, Tetra Quality follows an unconventional approach to learning software testing and QA by focusing on improving your knack for testing by empowering your exploratory testing skills.

Learn how to become a strong software tester and team member by learning about different industry experts perspectives in the field of software engineering, the 3 tenets of quality, core values of testing, what is exploratory testing, why we do it, and finally, best practices and QA techniques that help guide your software testing to help your organization achieve strong quality software.

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