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Tech Interview Soft Skills Crash Course Coupon
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Master Soft Skills which is a critical area that is commonly overlooked by technical IT professionals.

3.0 hr
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About the Course

In this course we focus on preparing for your interviews specifically around "soft skills".

Soft Skills is a critical area that is commonly overlooked by technical IT professionals.

Mastering soft skills so you’re portraying yourself in the most positive light is every so critical in an increasingly challenging job market where the tech layoffs have escalated.

Soft skills are social prowess and personality traits that characterize a person's relationships with others. In the workplace, soft skills are viewed as a supplement to hard skills, which are knowledge and practical capabilities.

In contrast to intelligence quotient, sociologists may refer to a person's emotional intelligence quotient (EQ) as soft skills (IQ).

The course covers areas around handling conflict, time and scheduling and areas that management and HR/Legal are summing you up around.

The second module of the course focuses on how to prepare for the interview, what to have ready, how to answer soft skill questions while also highlighting your technical skills.

The course closes out with additional resources and a LinkedIn job review.

A Free eBook, Crib Sheet and course materials are available as part of the course.

What will you learn in the course?

  • Understand the importance of soft skills for technical roles.

  • Identify how to approach critical interview questions.

  • Learn about the most common soft skills questions that come routinely come up during technical interviews.

  • Understand how to approach soft skills questions that provide insight into your personality.

Course Content Covered

  • Course Overview

  • Instructor Overview

  • Module 1 - Understanding Soft Skills

  • What are Soft Skills?

  • Why Soft Skills are important for Technical Roles

  • What is a Cultural Fit

  • Communication and Presentation Skills

  • Attention to Details

  • Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills

  • Tolerance to Change and Uncertainty

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Motivation

  • Compassion, Empathy and Humility

  • Social Skills

  • Leadership and Decision-Making Skills

  • Inspiration and Improvement Attitude

  • Team Player

  • Desire to Learn

  • Open to Criticism and Feedback

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Discussion - Common Soft Skills for Tech Sales Professionals

  • Discussion - Common Soft Skills for Cloud Professionals

  • Discussion - Common Soft Skills for Software Engineers, Programmers and Developers

  • Module 1 Summary Review

  • Module 1 Review Questions

  • Module 2 - Preparing for the Tech Interview

  • Getting Ready for a Tech Interview

  • Showcase your Soft Skills

  • Top Five Ways to Showcase Technical Skills with Soft Skills!

  • Risk Assessment Used by Human Resources

  • Addressing Company Specific Questions

  • Discussion - Soft Skills Questions and Answers

  • Discussion - Soft Skills Questions and Answers

  • LinkedIn Job Review

  • Module 2 Summary Review

  • Module 2 Review Questions

  • Course Closeout

Who should take this course (Target Audience)?

  • You want to learn about many different potential soft skills questions and how to respond to get you noticed positively.

  • You are preparing to interview for a tech role and want to be successful.

What are the Couse Pre Requirements?

There are no course pre-requirements.

This Course Includes

  • 41 lectures

  • 3.4 hours plus off on-demand video

  • 3 downloadable resources (Free eBook, CheatSheet, Course Presentation)

  • Certificate of Completion

Why you should take this course.

  • You want to consider a career in blockchain and want to find out if its right for you.

  • You want to understand what the common use cases are for a blockchain

  • You want to have an understanding of the technology involved in blockchain architecture

  • You need to determine what a "blockchain fit" is for your enterprise or your customer.

  • You want to learn the high level concepts of enterprise blockchains

  • You want to understand what a blockchain smart contract is.


There are no requirements needed for this lecture only course.

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