Tech Disruption to the accouting Industry and how to counter Coupon
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What are tech disruptions and how accounting firms can embrwce such disruptions

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Technology and Innovations in Business models have disrupted so many industries in recent years. Taxi service, travel, banking and shopping have been radically transformed by technology and innovation. These industries have been turned upside down and reshaped in just a few years.

The same is true for the accounting industry. Accounting is no longer a person at a desk opening mail and processing invoices. A majority of invoices are sent electronically, and many are automatically paid through a processing system. The merger of technology and accounting is becoming greater and greater every day, and business leaders need to stay ahead of this change. They need to understand that technology is quickly changing the way accounting functions within an organization.

Disruptive technology occurred from the progress of Big Data, cloud, and artificial intelligence which is currently allocated to the transactions in the ledgers that have control over an unprecedented shift and frequently disrupt the works of accounting practitioners.

Join in this Course to understand such changes in more detail and discuss through some best practices we can employ to embrace such changes.

in this course, you will be able to learn

- Understand the ongoing and upcoming technological changes to the accounting industry and the role of accountants.

- How to embrace the changes and strengthen your position.

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