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Teach Your Teen Driving Coupon
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[40% Off] Teach Your Teen Driving Course Coupon

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A Parent's Guide to the Passenger Seat

3.5 hr
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Comprehensive Parent-Led Teen Driving Instruction Course

Course Description:

Are you ready to become your teenager's primary driving instructor and empower them with essential driving skills and knowledge? Our comprehensive Parent-Led Teen Driving Instruction Course is designed to make you, the parent, the driving education expert your teenager needs.

Your teen may have had a few hours with a professional instructor, but the bulk of their driving experience will be with you. This makes you their primary guide on the journey to becoming a safe and responsible driver. We understand the challenges of busy family life, so we've created a program that fits seamlessly into your schedule.

Course Highlights:

  • Convenient Learning: Invest just 15 to 20 minutes, three times a week, watching and discussing short instructional videos with your teen. In just six weeks, you can complete the program without disrupting your hectic lifestyle.

  • Avoid Overconfidence: Resist the temptation to send your teen to a "Teen Survival Driving School," as studies reveal that such schools can actually increase overconfidence, leading to a higher risk of accidents. Remember, parents have the most significant impact on their teenager's driving skills and behavior.

  • Hands-On Engagement: This course is not something you hand over to your teen; it's designed for you, the parent. Watch the videos together and engage in discussions. Learning happens through these conversations, ensuring your teen gains a deep understanding of essential driving concepts.

Course Benefits:

  1. Parking Proficiency: Learn how to teach your teen parallel parking, parking in a stall, and maneuvering in tight spaces safely, minimizing any risk to your vehicle.

  2. Conflict Resolution: Utilize our Driving Session Evaluation Form to set clear expectations and avoid conflicts with your teen during driving practice sessions.

  3. Skill Mastery: Track your teen's progress with our Skills Verification Checklist, ensuring they acquire crucial driving skills.

  4. Stopping Distance Understanding: Explore how decision and reaction times affect stopping distances, demonstrating the impact of speed on safety.

  5. Tailored Learning: Discover your teen's unique learning language and leverage it not only in driver training but also in everyday communication.

  6. Accident Prevention: Identify and discuss the most common traffic situations that cause accidents, equipping your teen with strategies to stay safe.

Empower yourself as your teenager's primary driving instructor, and embark on this transformative journey together. Our Parent-Led Teen Driving Instruction Course is your key to ensuring your teen becomes a confident, responsible, and safe driver.

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