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TE0-122 12 Teradata SQL Certified Practice Exam Coupon
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Sample Questions

Q) Which two are primary benefits to using views? (Choose two.)

a) It simplifies end-user access.

b) It requires less space to store the data

c) It simplifies updates to the tables that make up the view

d) It provides an easily maintained level of security and authorization

Q) Given the following table: CREATE GLOBAL TEMPORARY TABLE database1.temp1( column1 INTEGER NOT NULL, column2 INTEGER DEFAULT 100 COMPRESS , column3 CHAR(80)) PRIMARY INDEX (column1) ON COMMIT PRESERVE ROWS; Which statement is true about this table?

a) Inserted rows will use spool space.

b) Multiple sessions can use this definition to insert rows but not share rows.

c) Rows will be deleted after a transaction that inserted rows into this table is complete

d) Rows will be preserved after a session that inserted rows into this table is logged off.

Q) Which two parameters should be included as OUT parameters to assist with debugging in a stored procedure? (Choose two.)

a) return code

b) activity count

c) boundary conditions

d) informative error message

e) check SQL argument result

Q) What will occur when a row level lock is requested in a macro and the Optimizer determines a table level lock is required?

a) It will automatically upgrade the lock without warning.

b) It will automatically upgrade the lock and provide a warning.

c) It will provide a warning and put the query in the delay queue.

d) It will send back an error message for the lock to be corrected.

Q) Which data type can be converted to any other data type in the Day-Time interval family?





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