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TE0-121 12 Teradata Fundamentals Practice Exam Coupon
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[-9% Off] TE0-121 12 Teradata Fundamentals Practice Exam Course Coupon

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3.0 hr
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Sample Questions

Q) What are the three conditions that are associated with star schema and three-dimensional modeling? (Choose three.)

a) facts

b) entities

c) attributes

d) snowflakes

e) dimensions

Q) For what reason would a multi-level partitions of the primary index (MLPPI) is defined in contrast to the single-level partitioned primary index (PPI)?

a) eliminate the need for USI

b) to avoid having to collect statistics on the division of

c) to provide multiple access paths to the rows in the base table

d) improve the distribution of data across all partitions on all AMP

e) None

Q) When comparing the primary key and the primary index, which statement is unique for the primary key?

a) This means the access path to the data.

b) It defines the relationship between the types.

c) It can consist of a maximum of 64 columns.

d) This is a representative concept of logical database.

e) None

Q) To lock at the table level that the combination of two types of locks are compatible? (Choose two.)

a) Reading and Reading

b) Read and Share

c) Read and write

d) Access and Write

Q) What is the impact on the database when there is a node failure?

a) Restart the database.

b) The database should be archived

c)Tables are not assigned to the node is no longer available.

d) There is no influence and operations continue uninterrupted.

e) None

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