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TCP Protocol Deep Dive For Network Engineers Coupon
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[100% Off] TCP Protocol Deep Dive For Network Engineers Free Course Coupon

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Learn TCP features, operation, and application layer protocols. Take your networking skills to the next level.

3.0 hr
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Welcome to TCP Protocol Deep Dive - Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is the standard that enables all modern network infrastructure communication and web-based applications.

Whether you are a network engineer or developer, understanding how TCP works is crucial to your career. The course takes a complex topic and simplifies it with complete coverage of all features.

This is an essential course for networking professionals and certification students.

TCP/IP architecture model is the current standard today for all network communications. In this course you will learn how network hardware, protocols and applications all work together to send data messages across the internet.

  • Learn how data messages are sent across the internet

  • Learn the fundamentals of network communications 

  • Ethernet, ARP, Wireless, IP, TCP, UDP, DNS, HTTPS

  • Linux and Windows full stack architecture

  • De facto standard that replaces older OSI model

Learn how a network session starts from client to server, and how TCP bidirectional full-duplex auto-tuning works between endpoints. Identify the effects of protocol delay on network performance and compare latency with throughput. There is also unique coverage of TCP transport layer troubleshooting. It is crucial to understand TCP concepts before attempting to do Wireshark or tcpdump network analysis traces. In fact there is no protocol that affects application performance more than TCP.

This course has a practical approach for networking professionals and developers to learn the basics of TCP for troubleshooting, performance analysis, and network security. In fact, TCP is an intersection point for network engineers, software engineers, and security engineers. You will learn concepts such as application ports, congestion control, loss recovery, and troubleshooting.

  • TCP/IP Reference Model

  • TCP 3-Way Handshake

  • TCP 4-Way Termination

  • TCP Flow Control 

  • Slow Start Algorithm

  • Sliding Window Operation

  • MSS vs Path MTU Discovery

  • Bandwidth Delay Product

  • Nagle Algorithm

  • Socket Buffers

  • TCP Troubleshooting

You will learn how a network session is operational from the physical layer up to and including the application layer. There is an explanation of how applications plug-in to the communications stack as well.

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