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Talent Acquisition & Recruitment:  Hiring the Best Fit 2021 Coupon

[84% Off] Talent Acquisition & Recruitment: Hiring the Best Fit 2021 Course Coupon

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What Every Manager Should Know - Effective Interviewing Skills for Getting Your Best Hire

2.0 hr
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Recruitment is a big decision. Getting a wrong hire is very expensive in terms of both financial and non-financial. It is much worse than leaving the post vacant. Along the whole hiring process, interview is certainly the most crucial part. You need to assess the candidates’ abilities during this short period of time. An effective interview allows you to get the best fit; while a poor one makes you lose a great talent and brings adverse effects on Company’s reputation, morale and productivity.  Also, you need to re-start your lengthy interview process again!

This course is made to targeted on getting the best hire for your vacancy. It addresses all the most commonly asked questions for interviews and hiring. These include:

  • What kinds of questions to be asked?

  • How many questions to be asked?

  • How to ask great great questions?

  • How to structure the interview questions?

  • What to bear in mind for an effective interview?

  • What to listen for during interview?

  • How to get the most from difficult candidates?

  • How can you tell someone is perfectly fit?

  • How to enhance candidates accepting your job offer?

  • How to sell your Company and the job?

  • How to do reference check?

  • How to negotiate the salary and the offer?

  • How to avoid hiring a toxic employee?

In short, this this 2-hour class provides you the essentials of getting your best hire.   The class is made based on the practical work experience of a senior Finance executive, Vicky Fung, who has 20-year experience in big corporations and who has interviewed thousands of candidates.

If you are interested, please enroll it now!

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