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Systemic Coaching the complete course Coupon
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[74% Off] Systemic Coaching the complete course Course Coupon

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Start your coaching career now. You get theory, practical knowledge, methods and tools for your first coaching sessions

5.5 hr
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Systemic coaching - the complete course!

Start your coaching career now. You get theory, practical knowledge, methods and tools for your first coaching sessions.

Would you like to develop your coaching skills and are you a manager or a person with responsibility? This course offers you the necessary background knowledge with many practical examples to get a quick start in coaching.

I have prepared both scientific content and my own experience from ~4000 training and coaching hours into these lessons. This will give you a good overview of systemic coaching, which will expand and consolidate your professionalism in coaching.

In this course we will deal with the following contents:

  1. What is systemic coaching: What forms of consulting are there, what are typical coaching occasions and which target group do we have in the systemic environment. We also deal with the definition of the term coaching and the limits of organisational and personnel development. At the end of the lesson we will discuss possible coaching traps.

  2. Systems theory: For an all-encompassing understanding, a little theory is needed on the origins of the systemic approach. For this purpose we take a closer look at constructivism, cybernetics and autopoiesis. Furthermore, this chapter deals with the systemic approach and why one should not give advice in coaching. We end the lesson with the important differentiation of the advisory and home system.

  3. Me as a coach: In these lessons we will ask ourselves the question: What competencies do you need as a coach? There will also be an excursion into feedback and conflict culture.

  4. Contract and Order: From the first meeting to the first contact to the contract, this chapter covers everything to clarify the order. This chapter is relevant for and with the coachee because of the definition of objectives. In addition, methods for clarifying objectives are also presented.

  5. Systemic conversation: We now go deeper into the subject matter and devote ourselves to the course of a coaching session, the arrival at the coaching as well as communication and the importance of empathy.

  6. The Systemic Loop: For a basic understanding of the coaching process, the Systemic Loop is a tool that will help you to work through the case in each coaching session. For this we will focus on basics like perception and interpretation as well as active listening. We will also deal with hypotheses and examine what exactly a problem is.

  7. Questioning techniques: After the introduction there are some lessons of the questioning techniques that are most important to me. In each lesson there are also examples of application.

  8. Interventions: There can never be enough interventions. In about 20 lessons, I will introduce you to my most productive and best interventions to date. After these lessons you will have collected enough methods for your own coaching sessions.

  9. Conflicts: I find the topic of conflicts particularly important for coaching. In addition to the definition, we deal with the meaning, causes and types. We end the chapter with the escalation stages and possible clarification scenarios for conflict situations.

Get your knowledge advantage right now and enroll in this course.

I look forward to seeing you in the class.

Many greetings
Markus Edenhauser, MA MSc

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