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Supply Chain Management for Beginners Coupon

[35% Off] Supply Chain Management for Beginners Course Coupon

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Get the basics of Supply Chain Management

3.0 hr
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Supply Chain Management for Beginners is a short course that introduces the basics of supply chain management.

It is approached from a didactic perspective, with illustrations and the least amount of difficult-to-understand terminologies.

Oriented to those people who do not have any knowledge in the area and who are interested in obtaining the basic concepts.

Get all the concepts about supply chain management. Master logistics, operations, demand planning, sourcing, warehouse management, transportation, and how to make organizations more efficient.

Operations Management

Get the fundamentals of operations management. Learn how to plan, manage and improve production within an organization.

Logistics Management

Get the fundamental concepts in logistics management. Learn about the different types of transportation, the types of logistics providers, and indicators that improve logistics performance and service level.

Continual Improvement

Get improvement management tools in the supply chain. Understand the methodologies for Lean and Kaizen management. Understand the principles of continuous improvement, waste in manufacturing, activities that do not add value and how to eradicate or minimize them.


The topics presented are:

1. Fundamentals

2. Forecasting

3. Supply Chain Planning

4. Procurement Management

5. Inventory Management

6. Warehouse Management

7. Transport Management

8. Operations Management

9. Continual Improvement

10. Business Economics

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