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[80% Off] Succeed As A Data Science Writer On Medium Course Coupon

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Duration: 1.0 hours

Data scientists + other data & tech pros can grow successes writing at Medium

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This course provides instruction and guidance on how data scientists plus other data and tech professionals can build and advance their career as a writer on Medium. This course is primarily aimed towards those who aspire to write for Medium. Those who already write for Medium will also find valuable advice and information here. If you are looking to build or expand your writing via other platforms, this course will also be valuable for you.

Expect in-depth lessons on the following topics:

- Finding new topics & article ideas.

- How to make an account at Medium.

- How to join the partner program which will help you earn an income from your articles.

- How to find your voice & how to find your vision (workbook included).

- How to find and make images for your articles.

- An in-depth review of the Medium editor.

- How to share code.

- How to use Medium as a useful resource bank.

As I explain in the introductory video:

"Welcome to class... I've designed this class specifically for folks working in data science and other tech professions. If you're working in another field I believe you will get a lot from this course as well. Despite not having met yet, I believe you have already written your first article. My name is Adam Ross Nelson. I am a data scientist and I am a frequent author on Medium. This video will help you find and plan your first article.

As I said, a moment ago, the goal of this video is to help you find your first article. Which you have probably already written, by the way. To do this, we will use your existing social media assets... I'm going to show how you can find your most popular posts. Your most popular posts will be your first Medium article. Your existing social probably already contains a high proportion of the content you'll need for that article...

By the way, if you've already published and written your first article, this video will help you find the topic and content for your next article. The reason I send folks to their existing social media for article content is quite strategic. Social media probably represents your lane... In gist, your lane are your topics that you're known for... The vast majority of the time it is important to stay in your lane. The next reason is... because your existing social media already has data related to what readers what to engage with and read."

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