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Stress Management - Experience of 1800 Coaching Sessions Coupon
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[82% Off] Stress Management - Experience of 1800 Coaching Sessions Course Coupon

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Duration: 3.0 hours

Stress reduction is key for mental health. I can help you to have more resilience and to manage your stress better.

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This course is the result of over 1800 coaching sessions with stressed people. The cashier in the retail trade, the project manager of a  large corporation, the doctor in a clinic or the child psychologist of an institution.

I was able to coach all these different people on their personal path to a noticeably less stressful life as part of the workplace health promotion. On this basis of many successful and pleasant coachings, I developed this course. This course will show you what you really need to be able to deal with your stresses immediately and in the future. It gives you the tools and a better perspective.

No matter how difficult a situation is, when we know that something better is coming soon and when we realize that we are getting control of our stress experience, then we are prepared for anything.

This course answers the important 3 areas of dealing with stress:

1. How can I calm down as quickly as possible in a very stressful situation?

2. How can I charge my battery better?

3. How can I avoid chronic stress in the future?

The best news in advance!

It doesn't matter who you were yesterday!

Nor does it matter who you are today!

It only matters who you want to be tomorrow!

Everyone has the potential to improve their situation. Sometimes all you need is someone to show you the way.

In this sense, I am happy to give you the essence of my coaching!

With best relaxing greetings,


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