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Strategic Thinking for Leaders, Product Managers & Startups Coupon

[50% Off] Strategic Thinking for Leaders, Product Managers & Startups Course Coupon

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Learn how to create a 5 year strategic roadmap to better communicate and sell your strategy

1.0 hr
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You'll need an account with Figma FigJam. A free plan is available.

No previous experience in product management, roadmaps, research or strategy is needed.

No previous Figma FigJam skills required.


Hi, I'm Teresa Cain and welcome to Strategic Thinking for Leaders, Product Managers & Startups in which you will learn how to upgrade your business strategy skills and optimize outcomes by applying strategic thinking techniques such as creating a vision, understanding your audience and buyers, perform competitive analysis, build out a strategic ecosystem, and bring it all together in creating a 5 year strategic roadmap. Roadmapping is a great way to communicate a business or product strategy in a meaningful way, both inside and outside the organization methodical way balancing both financial impact with strategic fit for and long-term vision.​ In this powerful session you will get access to 7 Figma FigJam Templates ​that will teach you how to be a strategic thinker and upgrade your business strategy skills including learning how to:

  • Create a product vision

  • Research user personas

  • Perform competitive research & battle cards

  • Build a strategic ecosystem

  • Gain knowledge in your industry through research

  • Create a multi-year strategic roadmap in Figma FigJam

  • Get buy-in from stakeholders in your strategic vision

What's Included:

  • Receive the tools and a step-by-step instruction on creating a strategic roadmap:

  • 60 minutes of Training Videos

  • Resources, tips and tools

  • 7 Figma FigJam templates including:

    • Strategic Ecosystem Map

    • 5 Year Strategic Roadmap

    • Competitor Battle Cards

    • 2 Hour Design Sprints

    • Buyer Persona

    • Buyer Personas vs. User Personas

    • User Persona vs. JTBD

Who this Course is for:

  • Product managers, product owners, general managers, entrepreneurs, business leaders and executives

  • Anyone looking to become a strategic thinker.

  • Anyone wanting to balance financial impact with strategic fit and long-term vision.

  • Anyone who wants to start using collaborative tools like Figma Figma to create a strategy beyond PPT

  • Anyone needing to create a new strategy for a product, business concept, problem or idea

  • Suitable for those new to strategy and strategic leaders looking for new ways to ideate

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