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Strategic Creative Thinking Coupon
Personal Development

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Harness your creativity for strategic problem-solving

1.5 hr
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This course is meticulously designed to equip learners with the essential skills and strategies necessary to harness their creative potential and drive innovation in personal and professional contexts.

Through a carefully structured curriculum, this course provides a solid foundation in the principles of creative thinking. Explore the nuances between divergent and convergent thinking and dispel common misconceptions surrounding creativity. Gain a deep understanding of the core principles that fuel creative thinking and enhance problem-solving capabilities.

Building upon this foundation, delve into analytical and logical thinking strategies, cultivating your skills in questioning and critical thinking. Learn the art of experimentation, embracing failure as a valuable learning experience, and adopt an iterative problem-solving approach that nurtures innovation.

The course then immerses you in the realm of imagination and visualisation, unveiling techniques to stimulate creative thinking and foster the generation of innovative ideas. Discover various ideation methods, including mind mapping, which allow for effective organisation of thoughts and creation of meaningful connections when tackling complex problems.

Applied creativity and problem-solving techniques are explored extensively. Delve into the concepts of small "c" and big "C" creativity, examining the contributions of influential creative thinkers to society. Engage in practical exercises to evaluate creative ideas based on their novelty, feasibility, and potential impact.

In the final module, assess your personal creative growth, establish aspirations for further development, and create an environment that cultivates and supports creativity. Learn effective goal-setting strategies and foster a culture of creativity within personal and professional spheres.

Develop the skills to approach challenges with ingenuity, inspire others through your creativity, and thrive in an ever-evolving world where AI is demanding fresh perspectives and groundbreaking solutions for you to stand out.

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