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Stock Trading: A to Z Technical Analysis Course+ STRATEGIES Coupon
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[79% Off] Stock Trading: A to Z Technical Analysis Course+ STRATEGIES Course Coupon

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Technical Analysis: Price Action From scratch to advance, Indicators, 5 SNIPER SHOT Strategy, Psychology, LIVE Example

7.5 hr
15$ 69.99$
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  • If you have patience then only take the course, otherwise don't waste your money.

  • This is the only Stock Trading Course on this platform that covers EVERYTHING, Literally Everything.

  • It Includes:

  • Candle Stick starting from ZERO and then slowly we will go to Advance level.

  • Support, and Resistance Concept, Trendline, first you will learn the theory then we will see the Live Market example.

  • Chart Patterns, How to use those Chart Patterns to make Consistent Money.

  • Breakout, Reversal, Retest, Live Example, and Complete Theory as well.

  • False Breakout identification, Loss savior.

  • Where 99% Trader will Lose Money you will use Bear Trap and Bull Trap to make money.

  • Indicators:

  • Volume Indicator, Relative Strength Index (RSI), RSI Divergence, Average Directional Index (ADX), Bollinger Bands, Exponential Moving Average (EMA), Vwap, Fibonacci Retracement.


  • Sniper Shot Strategies:

  • 15 Minute Time Frame Strategy.

  • GAP Strategy.

  • OH, OL, PDH, PDL Strategy.

  • FNE Strategy.

  • 30 Minute Strategy.

  • Proper Risk Management & Money Management tactics.

  • Trading Plan and Trading Setup.

  • PSYCHOLOGY ( THE MOST IMPORTANT concept you should learn to decide what should be your approach AGGRESSIVE/ DEFENSIVE).

    In this course, every concept will be taught first then a live market experience will be given for each and every concept, as only theory does not work in the financial market, so you will see everything LIVE how it looks like, how you can use it, etc.

  • The main problem in stock trading is people learn indicators first then candle then chart patterns which is why they lose money here we will go by proper step by step.

  • Moreover, you will learn everything from a real-life Fund Manager and there is a reason why I am saying that is please understand one thing EVERY TRAINER ARE NOT TRADER, so learn only from those people who are in the business of Trading. Those who are not trader they will give you only theories which you can get it for free from the internet, then why should invest your money to buy that course.

  • Here we will use our time, as every second is crucial so we will work only on those concepts which actually work.

  • You will get to know how actually fund managers work, how they think, how they manage their risk, what kind of psychology they have, what is Law of Random Distribution, how they win in the stock market, what is the difference between a retail trader and a professional trader or fund manager.

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