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Step by step guide to buying a business like private equity! Coupon
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[81% Off] Step by step guide to buying a business like private equity! Course Coupon

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Learn the Private Equity secrets to acquiring a business without risking your own capital!

2.0 hr
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Most people have the dream of owning a business at some point in their life but never become a business owner because either they lack an idea or they lack the money to fund that idea. Seeing as the average cost to start a business is $30K most people run out of money before they even start. The lucky few that do manage to take their business past the idea stage are met with a terrible reality. Over 50% of small businesses fail within the first year and 95% fail in less than five years. Would you risk $30K with those odds? If your answer was no and you would like to know a better way then this course is for you!

In this course, you will learn how to acquire a business using the same methods the private equity industry uses. You will learn how to conduct a leveraged buyout to purchase a business using little to none of your own money in some situations! You will be guided step by step through the acquisition process learning everything from where to find businesses to how to close on the purchase of that business.  Whether it's your first or second acquisition after taking this course you will be able to thoroughly understand the acquisition process and be able to find and acquire your very own business.

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