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Step by Step Guide on How to File a Provisional Patent Coupon

[25% Off] Step by Step Guide on How to File a Provisional Patent Course Coupon

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Protect your ideas and Inventions with a Patent Pending Status

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Step by Step Guide on How to File a Patent

Protect Your Ideas and Inventions with a Patent Pending Status

Do you ever find yourself wondering how to protect your idea? Or maybe you do not have the time to waste searching around gathering information from various sources on the best way to protect your idea!

So you started searching but do not have a step by step guide on the best way to do so. It's time to change this! With the right steps and a proven strategy...

You can:

➭ Do a Patent Search To see if your idea exists or a unique one.

➭Draft a Provisional Patent Document with a Template to fill.

➭File a Provisional Patent. A Walk Through.

➭Monetize your Provisional Patent, License or selling it.

➭Learn what to do Next after filling a Provisional Patent. The journey ahead.

Learn how to Protect your Invention or Idea:

First hand Experience Mentor:

Patent: US9703952B2

Titled: Device and Method for Providing Intent-based Access Control.

I have done it and will guide you on how to do it too.

This course is dedicated to those who are with the Do It Yourself (DIY) mindset. It is an easy and fun process.

You can protect your invention, idea and prevent anyone from using it or selling it today! with a Provisional Patent.

Add to your product or idea a Legal Patent Pending Status.

If you have an idea or a prototype of an invention, you can protect it and prevent anyone from using it or selling it without your permission with a single application called, Provisional Patent Application.

Let us walk you through the process, Step by Step, in as little as few hours paying only a $140 filling fees for the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) instead of paying thousands of dollars hiring someone to do it for you which can reach over $7000 to file a provisional patent application. Do It Yourself with this Step by Step Guide on How to File a Patent.

Provisional Patents are valid for 1 year from the day of filling, allowing you to test your idea, test the market demand and test commercializing your patent or even selling it so you can speak about it to potential investors or buyers without feeling afraid that someone might steal your idea.

Let's start!

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