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Stakeholders are key to the effective communication and ultimate success of projects. Learn to work with them.
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Mike Harkin
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[100% Off] Stakeholder Engagement or Stakeholder Management Udemy Coupon

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Identifying stakeholders in your own project can seem like an easy task to some and other find it almost impossible.  Yet the core to any successful project is managing people and how they engage with your project.  Handle your stakeholders well and the chance of project success increases significantly.

As a Project manager you can learn all the mechanisms and approaches to manage the functional elements of a project and still fail to deliver a successful outcome.  You might even deliver a project on time and to budget and still fail to meet objectives and leave you customer unhappy and unsatisfied.  Manage the stakeholders well and agree realistic expectations and deliver those will yield success projects, even in situation where they are late or over budget in some cases. 

So, can you afford not to engage with stakeholders in your projects? 

This course discusses some simple tools and approaches that will have you delivery more successful projects.  Do you want to been seen as the person that generates success and includes people?

Instructors: Mike Harkin

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