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The mass media (e.g. radio, TV, internet) has become one of the most powerful institutional influences in society. This free course, Sporting women in the media, explores whether gendered inequalities exist in sport by evaluating the media coverage

8.0 hr
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The aim of this free course, Sporting women in the media, is to explore whether gender discrimination and gender inequalities exist in sport, and, if they do, to investigate some of the implications. There might be some biological differences which means that males and females don’t compete against each other in all sports, but these do not explain or justify why there are such disparities of career opportunities and rewards for women in sport. Indeed, sport could be argued to have one of the largest fields of unequal pay between the genders. While the Football Association chiefs say they are attempting to level the playing field for women’s equal pay (see this BBC article for more details), accusations continue to circulate about the huge disparity of a gender pay gap in other sporting arenas, such as commentating (such as the example of John McEnroe and Martina Navratilova ) which serves to value male voices over women’s.
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