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Sport Science: Exercise science part 1 Coupon
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Exercise Science is a discipline that studies movement and the associated functional responses and adaptations. The goal of exercise science is to facilitate an understanding of the links between fitness, exercise, diet and health. Ultimately, the discipline provides a scientific approach to study how exercise and the human body interact in order to understand the physiology of exercise as well as its benefits and results.

Exercise Science encompasses a wide variety of disciplines and the study of these disciplines is integrated into the academic preparation of exercise science professionals. Disciplines include areas such as: biomechanics, sports nutrition, sport & exercise psychology, motor control/development, and exercise physiology. In addition, the coursework includes evaluating health behaviors and risk factors, conducting fitness assessments, writing appropriate exercise prescriptions, and promotion of positive health habits and lifestyle behaviors.

Exercise Science professionals are a part of a multidisciplinary team whose work ranges from helping people recover from the unhealthy effects of a sedentary lifestyle to assisting athletes to perform at their maximum capability.

You will find exercise science professionals in a variety of disciplines such as;
College Sport Teams
Human and Athletic Performance Centers
Fitness and Wellness Centers

Hospital Fitness and Rehabilitation Centers

University / Industry Research laboratories

Weight Control Programs

Exercise physiology is the physiology of physical exercise. It is one of the allied health professions that involves the study of the acute responses and chronic adaptations to exercise. Exercise Physiologists are the highest qualified exercise professionals and utilise education, lifestyle intervention and specific forms of exercise to rehabilitate and manage acute and chronic injuries and conditions.

Understanding the effect of exercise involves studying specific changes in muscular, cardiovascular, and neurohumoral systems that lead to changes in functional capacity and strength due to endurance training or strength training. The effect of training on the body has been defined as the reaction to the adaptive responses of the body arising from exercise or as "an elevation of metabolism produced by exercise".

Exercise physiologists study the effect of exercise on pathology, and the mechanisms by which exercise can reduce or reverse disease progression.

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