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Spine Flexibility Course - Backbends - Level I-IV Coupon
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[82% Off] Spine Flexibility Course - Backbends - Level I-IV Course Coupon

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Progressive Flexibility Exercises and Routines for Beginners, Artists, Athletes, Martialists, and Athletes

2.5 hr
15$ 84.99$
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Welcome to this new course on Backbends, Chest and Heart Openings!

This intermediate to extreme flexibility course is designed to work each part of the spine, in an isolated or complex way, alone or accompanied, with or without elements.

It's dedicated to every athlete, sportsman, dancer, yogi, circus artist, martial artist and those who want to work pleasure from the body, from the spine.

Heart openings are a brilliant way to elevate energy and increase our internal energy! When we lean back, we also create strength in the back and we can relieve low back pain, at the physical level and also experience very intense sensations and emotions ...

Back bends can sometimes cause pain and discomfort. In this course we learn to experience delicious back arches that promote spinal health and longevity from practice with Kai, a contortionist artist.

This in-depth and detailed course will combine fundamentals of anatomy, drills and postures, as well as other movements so you can feel the deep connections involved in the art of backbending.

Many elements (backrest, blocks, benches, wall ...) can be used to deepen your practice, as well as a partner to open the heart and share intense, challenging and pleasant moments.

Like any flexibility pose, a backbend requires awareness raising and activating muscle groups in a coordinated and intelligent way.

The feet, legs, hips, shoulders, neck, arms and hands, and obviously the heart, mind, and breath will be observed and adjusted.

This comprehensive course will help you create a strong and satisfying backbend suitable for your body by detailing each part of each pose, step by step, with proper breathing.

What are the benefits of back bends, or front body stretches, on a physical and emotional level? We go through some fundamental principles and techniques.

Our spine is an incredible structure of strength and flexibility. Strong bones and large muscles give us structure and protect sensitive nerves, while flexible ligaments and tendons allow the spine to move in all different planes.

With regular backbends we can help protect this wonderful balance by increasing mobility while strengthening the supporting muscles around the skeleton.

Back Bend for a Stronger Back and a Fuller Life

The back bends are some of the most difficult flexibility poses to perform for the body and for the emotional aspect, as they require great flexibility and balance. However, while difficult, once learned correctly, push-ups provide a myriad of benefits, ranging from emotional freedom to soul healing.

One of the most notable benefits of back bends is relief from anxiety and stress. By deeply opening the frontal area of ​​the body, the muscles and joints release accumulated stress that crystallized as a physical tension, a knot, a sore spot.

While one is in a fairly rounded backbend posture, the kidneys are internally massaged, draining blood from the organs. When that stagnant blood is released, a new flow of oxygenated blood returns to the kidneys, flushing out the toxins.

On a subtle level, backbends are said to open up specific energy channels (chakras) in the body, which help to release energy blocks and facilitate healing at the mind, emotional body, and soul levels.

For many, backbends can seem overwhelming due to the intense opening of the core. However, by gently entering each pose and listening to the body's response, you can safely experience the profound effects, and gradually the pleasure and heartache are transformed into ecstatic sensations.

In this course, we open bodies and hearts.

We thoroughly investigated poses like the bow, camel, full wheel, and dancer that seem so challenging, yet feel so good.

Backbends are the relief of our daily life

We spend hours a day working diligently at our jobs, traveling from point A to point B and lovingly caring for others. Increasingly, we spend our time bending over keyboards, telephones, steering wheels, and even our children.

Even when it's cold, our shoulders are even more rounded to protect us from the cold. Combined, all these stooping have the unintended consequence of turning in on ourselves and closing the heart. This affects us not only physically, but also emotionally.

Physically, rounding your back tightens the muscles in the back of your neck and shoulders, increasing the likelihood of tension headaches and back pain. Additionally, as the shoulders round forward, this compresses the space around the heart and chest, making it difficult not only to breathe deeply and deeply, but also restricting blood flow to our vital organs and glands, increasing our risk of disease.

On an emotional level, this "rounding" creates a barrier around the heart. We can settle into patterns in which we distrust ourselves and others, as well as decrease self-confidence and experience a disconnect from others.

Backbends open the heart chakra, increasing our sense of well-being, confidence, and connection to the world around us.

Our backs are designed to flex not only forward, but backward as well. This is how our bodies are designed.

In our complete backbend course, you will discover the art of opening the heart: we will breathe through a flow of intelligently designed poses that will target the muscle groups that will allow your back to bend more easily in poses such as the Wheel, the Bow, the Dancer, the Camel, the Scorpion, the Lobster, the Little Table ...

We will introduce accessories to help us experience poses such as the spider or wheel, the dancer and the royal palomea. All of this will be done in a friendly, scientific, neat, and safe manner, encouraging discussion and experimentation.

This course is intended for yogis, practitioners of Dance, Circus, Gymnastics, Athletes and Artists. basic / intermediate to advanced level looking to expand their practice and deepen their connection with these postures.

Come curious, with a pencil and a notebook, and a bottle of water.

Enter with an open mind and you will leave with an open heart.

I can not wait to see you!

Click on the button "Buy the course" and we'll see you right away in the course!

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