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Sound Healing For Beginners - Sound Therapy - Sound Healing Coupon

[92% Off] Sound Healing For Beginners - Sound Therapy - Sound Healing Course Coupon

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Learn sound healing fundamentals, understand sound therapy vibrations, start your own sound bath with a nice sound bowl

2.0 hr
15$ 199.99$
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Are you ready to learn Sound Healing For Beginners - Sound Therapy - Sound Healing?

It is important to collect enough information so that you can understand all aspects of sound therapy. You will learn how to run an effective sound bath session at home with your own instruments. The focus of this course is Tibetan singing bowls as it is the most effective sound healing tool in the world.

Tibetan singing bowls commonly used for deep relaxation, muscle regeneration and to improve blood circulation. You will be able to see how vibration of a sound bowl changes in different sizes: 8 cm, 13 cm and 17 cm. Choose one that works for you.

To get all benefits of sound therapy people visit professional sound healing centre or make a sound bath at home. The latter involves information research and a little practice to do it.

This course will help you make your own sound bath at home the right way.

Please review the course structure below:

  • course introduction

  • what is sound healing?

  • sound therapy terminology

  • natural vibrations

  • how sound affect us

  • healing tools

  • sound bath preparation

  • voice healing

  • ancient instruments

  • digital sounds

  • sound healing at home

  • potential dangers of sound therapy

  • pick the right bowl & practice

Upon completion of the course you will get a certificate of completion. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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