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Songwriting 101: Finding Inspiration & STARTING New Songs Coupon

[-20% Off] Songwriting 101: Finding Inspiration & STARTING New Songs Course Coupon

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Learn how to use your emotions and daily-happenings as inspiration for starting beautiful, new original songs.

3.0 hr
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Have you ever wanted to write songs, or perhaps you even have some experience with it, but you were never able to consistently find that fleeting inspiration?

This course will succinctly demystify the topic and break it down into effective steps, and in less than one hour, you would be on your feet and starting your first songs.

Even if you have zero experience with songwriting.

It's easier than you think!

This course literally contains the best information that I have discovered in over a decade of writing songs, distilled into less than one hour of content. Nothing but the best of the best - designed to get you straight to early wins of new songs that you'll be creating.

- How to constantly find songwriting inspiration by living in a more attentive state (attention to the inside / outside)

- How to open up to the 100's of possible emotions you can feel every day (and use them in your songwriting)

- The two states of mind you can be at while writing, and why it is critical to differentiate between the two

- Taking walks and free-writing as ways to activate your inspiration

- A simple 4-step process to find great melodies and lyrics to add to a chord progression that you love

- How to find sparks of new inspirations in the songs that you love the most

- Shamelessness - the key to quickly move past your weaker songwriting ideas and into your best ones

- 23 super-fun chord progressions to start writing songs from (PDF)

- How to develop more trust in your musical intuition - to make all of your songwriting work more "accurate"

- What are "inspiration waves" - and how to get (and stay) on one of them

- If you feel your songs sound the same - here's the solution

- "Through the Eyes of a Child" - a surprise trip to the Netherlands ?? to learn about attention & inspiration

Who am I? My name is Alon Cooper, I am an artist and a music instructor based in Austin Texas and in Amsterdam. Since 2016, over 100,000 students have learned from my online courses. As an artist, I release new songs to Spotify every month and play shows with my band, and have been doing that over the last years in 100's of venues around the world.

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