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Socket IO 2022 Course - Learn By Creating Chat & Video Chat. Coupon

[40% Off] Socket IO 2022 Course - Learn By Creating Chat & Video Chat. Course Coupon

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Best SocketIO Complete Course For Beginners. Learn Creating Realtime Group Chat, Room Chat, Private Chat & Video Chat.

5.5 hr
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SocketIO is a library that enables bidirectional and event based communication between a client and socket ioIt is built on the top of websocket protocol but first of all what does it means the answer to this question is that socket io enables the client and server to have connection persistent so they can exchange data in realtime .So what happens when we use http the client sends the request and server sends the response after this request reponse cycle the connection between the client and server gets terminated which means if client wants to talk to server or wants to fetch data from the sever the client have to make request again but when using websockets the client and server gets connected and this connection stays alive until one of them gets disconnected and this is the beauty or this is the reason why socket io is gaining popularity day by day. SocketIO is library that uses websockets under the hood.Using socket io you can create realtime applications like chat applications, multiplayer game, Video chat applications and many more.If you have any doubt about socket io popularity then only answer to this is that it is used by many big tech companies like Microsoft,Trello, Alibaba Travels, Patreon and many more.

So if you want to learn socket io then you are at best and right course in this course you will learn socket io from ground up. If you see another courses you will see that they are only covering socket io basics and only creating a chat applications and you will find these type of tutorials for free. You can search but you will not learn socket io completely. But in this course you will learn socket io very deeply and  you will also learn the technologies behind the socket io like websockets like what is websockets, how websockets works, Difference between websockets and http many more then you will learn socket io as you will have knowledge about websockets then learning socket io will became very easy. I believe in learning things while creating project because this way you will learn the technology and you will also learn how to implement it in your projects as well. So we will learn socket io by creating public group chat application don't worry first we will learn socket io then we will create this group chat application. After this project you will have the complete knowledge of how socket io works and how to use it and how to implement it in your projects. We will not stop here after learning socket io and creating public group chat application. We will explore more about socket io and we will learn advance socket io while creating room chat application where you will learn what are rooms in socket io how to create join room in socket io, namespaces and many more. After these two projects you will have complete knowledge of socket io and you will be able to create any application using socket io but my aim is to make you not good developer my aim is make you great developer .So after these projects we will create video chat application using socket io and webRTC. Before creating Video Chat Application we will learn webRTC. So this course you will not learn only socket io and you will also learn webRTC. but what is webRTC ? WebRTC stands for web realtime communications which helps to create peer-to-peer connection between two browsers and allow us to exchange video, audio data in realtime . So we will learn webRTC then we will create video chat application using socket io. But this course will not end here i will update this course with new projects like multiplayer games, Zoom Clone many more.


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