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SOAP with Spring Web Services in IntelliJ Coupon
[80% Off] SOAP with Spring Web Services in IntelliJ
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Duration: 2.0 hours

How to implement and test a contract first SOAP web service with Spring Web Services in IntelliJ

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You will use the Spring Web Services Maven Archetype to create a boilerplate Spring Web Services project in IntelliJ.

Through your Spring Configuration file you will enable the automatic generation of the SOAP WSDL file, using your XML and derived XSD document input and output as a starting point.

You will then write a Service Layer to access the back-end resources with a Java Interface class and implementation.

You will write the SOAP Endpoint using @ Annotations in Spring.

You will test your working SOAP Endpoint using the Open Source SoapUI testing tool.

A bonus lecture will let you to create a SOAP Client with Spring Boot that will hit your working SOAP Spring Web Services Endpoint.

A second bonus lecture will let you re-package your Spring SOAP Web Service Endpoint as a Spring Boot Application.

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