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Smartsheet for Project Management - The Complete Course Coupon
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[77% Off] Smartsheet for Project Management - The Complete Course Course Coupon

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Learn all the Smartsheet essentials to make dashboards, sheets, reports, and forms to manage your work.

3.5 hr
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  • Updated for 2021!

  • This is a “Learn-By-Doing” course, meaning you learn Smartsheet while building your own Smartsheet files that could work for your actual needs, complete with sheets, reports, a Dashboard, and a form, all of which are yours to take with you at any point!

  • By the end of this course, you will be proficient in each of the items listed under the description below, and you’ll have the actual Smartsheet files to help you get started.


  • No Smartsheet license or membership required! We will setup a free trial together (If you already have a membership, that’s ok too).

  • No previous experience with Smartsheet or any other software required!


  • By the end of this course, you will have built the essential elements of Smartsheet – Dashboards, Sheets, Reports, and Forms. In doing so, you will become competent with each aspect of Smartsheet, and be able to customize the Smartsheet elements created in the course to meet your specific needs.

  • This course covers:

    • How to setup a free Smartsheet trial

    • Tips to keep in mind when purchasing Smartsheet, like plan limitations, what it means to have a license, what you can/cannot do without a license, and notable tips about Smartsheet terminology (like what a “sheet” counts as when buying a license with 300 sheets, for example).

    • How to navigate the home/browse screen, change personal/user settings, how to import items, etc.

    • How to build, manage, and share workspaces. Be careful! Did you know you cannot share “folders” in Smartsheet? You have to use “workspaces” (which is covered here).

    • A suggested “framework” of how to structure various Smartsheet elements like sheets, reports, dashboards, etc. so that you stay organized and stress-free in your Smartsheet experience.

    • How to build sheets, change column types, hide/show columns, filter columns, establish dependencies and hierarchy, etc.

    • Conditional Formatting

    • How to attach files, post comments, solicit update requests, setup reminders.

    • How to change and use the four sheet view types.

    • How to share Smartsheet items

    • How to import data

    • How to build Smartsheet Reports (we will actually build three of them together – “Report 1 – Due in 5 days”; “Report 2 – At Risk”; and “Report 3 – Completed in Past Two Weeks”

    • How to build Dashboards (we will actually build one together that uses the reports and widgets made in the course)

    • How to add Logos, Reports, Metrics, Charts (pie and bar-type), and Gantt Charts to dashboards.

    • Various tips, tricks, and links to in-depth tutorials directly from Smartsheet.

Who is this course for:

  • This course is for anyone who wants to use Smartsheet to manage their work, projects, tasks, or general to-do list. This course will be especially helpful for anyone who manages projects, programs, or a workforce.

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