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Six Sigma Internal Quality Control In Clinical Laboratory Coupon

[67% Off] Six Sigma Internal Quality Control In Clinical Laboratory Course Coupon

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Duration: 1.5 hours

Application of Six Sigma in Clinical Laboratory

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The course is a unique course, which is exclusively for practical application of six sigma methodology in clinical laboratory for internal quality control. This is a first of its kind of course. This course contain details of six sigma, different methodologies that are used for six sigma such as DMAIC and DMDAV, what is the similarities and differences between these two methodologies, how to choose between these two methodologies. The course also has details of Sigma Scale, calculation of six sigma Matrix, importance of six sigma in clinical laboratory. The details of operator Specification Chart as well as normalized operator Specification Chart, how to plot operator Specification Chart for single test parameter as well as normalized operator specification chart for multiple test parameters. The course also contains details of power function curve. Here in this course students will also be able to learn use of Normalized operator Specification Chart and Power function curve for statistical quality control, probability of error detection, probability of rejection is also explained in detail. Frequency of QC runs and number QCs to be run is explained with the help of using power function curve as well as normalized OPSpec chart. The course also contains use of westgard Sigma Rules for statistical quality control. Finally it also contains details of use of Sigma Matrix for determining measurement uncertainty.

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