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Shortcut to Guitar: Beginner Guitar Course Coupon

[25% Off] Shortcut to Guitar: Beginner Guitar Course Course Coupon

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Easy guitar learning concept built around one basic chord shape and one key and utilizing the "thumb strum"

9.5 hr
15$ 19.99$
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By separating the different disciplines needed to play the guitar the journey to guitar playing enjoyment is made easy.

Simplifying the learning process helps beginners get over the usual stumbling blocks with ease.

The course also gives the student a solid foundation in musical understanding.

The lessons show how using our simple chord shapes chord progressions (and therefore, simple songs) are constructed, with special emphasis placed on a typical "blues" progression, and how to embellish those simple chords to add melody to the rhythm (the students own natural rhythm at first and then later counted out rhythm) and the harmony from the chords.

The lessons encourage the use of the "thumb strum" a simple alternative to playing strum/rhythm patterns with a pick/plectrum, which is difficult for beginners. But don't worry, the "thumb strum" leads to many other types of guitar playing such as fingerstyle, percussive, flamenco, folk, and it won't hinder you if you want to pick up a plectrum to play later on!

These "shortcuts" which simplify the physical side of playing the guitar enable the learner to develop a better understanding of how music is constructed on a guitar and how music is constructed in general, giving a great foundation for future learning, a foundation that only enhances the student's enjoyment of playing the guitar and sense of achievement.

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The course also covers all the basics of the guitar, such as knowing the anatomy of the instrument as well as how it works. How to tune up the guitar using an electronic tuner or phone app and by ear. There is also instruction on how to change a broken string and how to restring all the six strings of the guitar.

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