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Seven Basic Quality Control (QC) Tools (with Excel tools) Coupon

[40% Off] Seven Basic Quality Control (QC) Tools (with Excel tools) Course Coupon

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In the early 50s, Edward Deming, the American Quality Guru, introduced the concept of statistical process control to Japanese engineers, academicians and managers and he emphasized the importance of basic tools that can help in better process management and enhanced quality control. Prof. Ishikawa realized the importance of these tools and christened the tools as 7 basic tools of quality control after the seven weapons used by the Japanese Kamakura-era warrior-priest Benkei in his victorious pursuits.

The seven basic tools are:

  • Cause and Effect Diagram

  • Pareto analysis

  • Control charts

  • Histogram

  • Scatter plot

  • Flowchart

  • Checklist

These tools can be used in any industry for any type of process – from reducing time taken to resolve complaints in a service industry to improving productivity in a manufacturing process. These tools are simple to use and easy to deploy and hence they can be used even by process operators and not necessarily by managers and team leaders.

It is pertinent to note that these tools have been around for more than a century now.

Though Japanese pioneered the adoption of seven basic tools in Japanese industries, many industries around the world are now using the seven basic tools to improve and manage their processes.

You don’t require expensive or fancy software to use these tools. Excel is sufficient to apply these tools and detailed explanation for the same is being provided in the training.

This course is taught by an industry veteran who brings his vast experience into this course.

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