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Home Seller Tips from an Insider!

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Your home is likely your largest financial asset. Selling it can be a big decision. There are some things you NEED to consider before diving in! You may be surprised at some of the incorrect assumptions you have.

What this course IS - This course was created and is taught by Stephen Meadows, a 20-year real estate veteran who has sold hundreds of homes in multiple states. You will learn some basics about real estate, as well as a some "insider" tips and tricks to help save you time, money, and stress; but more importantly, maximize the value of your home!

What this course is NOT - This course is all about showing you things that you can do to ensure the best value for your asset. It's not some gimmick to teach you something shady or unethical. Real Estate can be confusing enough without having to worry about trying to get around laws. You'll find nothing illegal or suspect inside this course.

Here are some things you will learn about:

  • Real Estate Terms

  • Sales Types

  • Staging and Marketing

  • Negotiations

  • The Closing Process

  • Much More...

Don't miss this opportunity to educate yourself about the value of your home and ways to maximize it! Capitalize on 20+ years of real estate knowledge and use it to your advantage!

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