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Advanced methods for everything from book idea, writing, editing and selling
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[100% Off] Self-Publishing: Beginner to Advanced – The Complete Course Udemy Coupon

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There are certain methods that really do make self-publishing a book easier and faster. Do you want to know what they are?

Learn highly effective methods and processes that allow you to get endless book ideas, write your book in an easier way than normal, and make it sell itself.

This is what a successful Kindle author has discovered.

My name is Ian Stables, author of more than fifty Kindle books, many of which became best-sellers.

When I published my first Kindle book on Amazon, I made very few sales. I had good content inside, but the sales just didn’t happen. I had a lot to learn in order to get decent sales.

I had a hard time coming up with new ideas for future books. I would spend hours looking through books on Amazon trying to discover the subject for my next book. I didn’t just want any idea, but one that sold.

Writing books was not easy. There was the long outline process. I would spends days and sometimes weeks planning it out. I was continually worried in case I had missed something important. The writing process was long and daunting. Hours of scratching my head wondering what to write next and how to word it.

After the hours of writing, came the editing process. This was really hard.

Despite all my efforts, my first books were short and lacked the quality they do today. Despite this, the content was welcomed and I received many reviews praising my ideas.

Through experience, learning, and innovation I discovered (some by accident) many very effective methods and systems. They have allowed me to have several best-selling books.

Today, I can easily come up with endless profitable ideas for non-fiction books.

The writing process is enjoyable and a lot easier. I follow a simple step-by-step process.

There is no long outline process. The structure takes mere minutes.

I never wonder what to say next using my Conversation method. (I discovered this by accident.)

The process includes what I call the golden nuggets. These are what turns a dry mediocre book into one of best-seller quality.

The editing is done in very easy short sessions. No long edit at the end. It consists of three steps. The second step is the breakthrough. It allows me to spot more errors than any other I have tried. The odd one still gets through. However, I know this method allows you to correct every single error. They stand out a mile.

After trial and error, I have discovered how to make books sell themselves. I know what works and the simple methods to do it. The rest is just getting your book published and visible to readers.

In this course, you learn…

– How to make it fun to write

– The one thing that makes your book unique

– How to check your book will sell

– The book idea readers jump for

– Endless lists to pluck profitable book ideas

– The one place of countless book ideas, knowledge, and secrets

– Where experts tell you the best-selling ideas

– A profitable common headache for many books

– The pleasurable idea to write about

– Three steps that create unique competition beating ideas

– The simpler way to write quality non-fiction books

– How to create entire book structures in minutes

– My unique Conversation Method – Always know what to write next

– The Golden Nuggets that teach, demonstrate, warn, persuade, and convince

– Top six ways to generate golden nuggets

– The simple way to explain anything

– The most effective way to word anything

– The three step edit process that removes every error

– The introduction formula that makes them buy

– The simple to write conclusion readers love

– Top three things that sell most books

– The two things your book must show

– Avoid this mistake with your book title

– The title formula that creates irresistible desire

– The words that made a huge sales difference

– The best way to place keywords to get seen

– The information you need in your description

– Where readers tell you how to sell them

– The fast way to write a powerful description – I discovered this on Ebay

– How to make your table of contents sell

and more.

Watch the First Five Lectures for Free

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Instructors: Ian Stables

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