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Security Operations Center - SOC with Splunk and FortiSIEM Coupon
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[85% Off] Security Operations Center - SOC with Splunk and FortiSIEM Course Coupon

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2022 Q1 Updated! Become an Analyst in a SOC Team post completing this course!

3.0 hr
15$ 99.99$
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The aim of this course is to prepare you to give a successful interview with a Cybersecurity firm for the position of Analyst in a SOC team. To fulfill this aim we ensured to build a curriculum that enhances your technical capability right from the basics. In the first few sections, we deal with the foundations and fundamentals of IT security, networking, SOC, SIEM, Splunk, and FortiSIEM.

We briefly describe who this course is meant for - the target audience and we define what SOC is: the Security Operations center, what it does and can do and how it is relevant.

We cover why SOC is relevant and how it is an advantage to pursue a career in cybersecurity given the lack of quality resources available. We also share how we treat this subject for a newbie, how we teach from the fundamentals so that anyone can pick up the concepts and slowly build competence.

We cover the below curriculum that we have designed for you:

1) Importance of learning SOC

2) What curriculum is covered?

3) Security Triad: Confidentiality, Integrity & Availability

4) Computer Network, Topologies

5) Network Footprinting

6) Network Concepts Refresher, OSI, TCPIP Protocol Suite

7) Cyber Security Attacks, Ethical Hacking, DoS, DDoS, SYN Flooding, Metasploit

8) Maltego, Cyber Killchain methodology, Information security vectors, Ransomware

9) SIEM: Security Information and Event Management

10) Enterprise Splunk

11) Fortinet's FortiSIEM

12) Incidence Response, Email system, Virus, and Vulnerability Management

Post completion, you will be confident enough to give an interview and crack it too!

We will keep adding more sessions throughout to ensure the content is relevant and with the highest of quality.

Who this course is for:

- This course is for Beginners and not for an advanced audience. Hence the faculty explains each concept in detail and demonstrates with relevant tools where required.

- Those who are interested in a career in a security operations center



Best soc course with good price ~ A Reddy

The course provided me with a sense of direction. The content of the course is really good. I learned a lot and I'm glad I took it. I started from a near zero base knowledge level ~ Charles Z

He is Exceptional not only in training but as a giude he helps me a lot when i mostly needed ~ K Bairi

The course was an in-depth explanation and it was a great online learning experience ~ Roshni K

More of an interactive teaching method. Helps me learn better by having asking me questions based on my own questions to help me along ~ Blakely W

Great Course. I love the way it is designed, delivered. I learned a lot. The most imporatnt part is that I enjoy every bit of the session and completed everything ~ Nadeem R

What an amazing course! Actually the person who's teaching. Have just started the course but the way he talks we can know how clear the concepts and how practical the sir thinks. This is not like a regular course where people just read the presentation.the instructor really makes you want each concept clearly ~ S Parab

This course has really enlightened me with plenty basic things i thought i know or should have know even in the first 5 lectures. Really kept to details and simplified terms with relatable examples ~ Ogunyomi F

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