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[100% Off] SCRATCH JUNIOR CODING COURSE Free Course Coupon

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Scratch Junior Coding Course is great for children who want to start their programming experience early. Our Scratch Junior Course has 35 lessons and is created for kids as young as 5 years old with an easy interface and progressive difficulty, gradually developing their creativity, problem-solving, and logical thinking abilities. Also, a child, from 6 years old can learn mostly independently by watching video lessons at any time during the paid period. Children aged 5 might need some adult help. What will the Kids Learn? ✔ First steps in coding for kids ✔ Program simple games ✔ Code simple cartoons ✔ Pattern recognition skill ✔ Problem-solving skill ✔ Logical thinking ✔ Sequencing skill ✔ Abstract thinking ✔ Creativity What’s Included? ✔ 35 Classes ✔ 90 – 180 days of access to lessons ✔ Daily creative homework ✔ Certificate of completion ✔ 5 online classes with the teacher for the Teacher Guided Package Certification A PDF certificate of completion will be awarded for Scratch Junior Coding Course SCRATCH JR LESSON STRUCTURE Throughout our Scratch Junior course, kids will learn how to connect blocks together in the right sequence to get the right output. They will learn to control a “Sprite”, or program the sprites to act upon a condition or after a delayed time. Kids will also learn about sequential and inserted cycles as well as broadcasting messages between Scratch Junior programming codes. After each lesson, there is homework provided for students to practice what they have learned. Most importantly, our lessons in this Scratch Junior coding course will encourage students to think logically when building the programming code to avoid errors and bugs. All of that is done via series of interesting projects that can be created within Scratch Junior’s coding framework for fun learning. WHAT HAPPENS AFTER YOUR CHILD COMPLETES OUR SCRATCH JUNIOR COURSE? Embassy.Education is a result-oriented platform and like the rest of our courses, Scratch Junior is structured in a gamified progressive manner with lessons gradually covering higher levels of knowledge. By the time your child completes our Scratch Junior Course s/he will know the entire Scratch Junior platform and will be ready to move on the other platforms like Scratch, Minecraft, Roblox, and Python. This way, gradually and consistently by the age of 10-14 years old, your kid will be able to create complex programs, web pages, apps, and games. We wish you good luck in this exciting journey of discovery of the world of programming! What is Scratch Junior? Scratch Junior is a visual programming language designed especially for children around the age of 5 to 8 years old. This programming language is made to encourage kids to think reasonably and systematically, which are the basic important skills that a programmer needs to have. They need the skills to ensure they get the right output for the program they created and to make the program run accordingly to the given instructions and conditions. Scratch Junior platform and course are designed to be visually colorful and easy to use by kids of young age. The programming blocks in the Scratch Jr coding course for kids are divided into few categories specified by the color that helps the children to remember what type of function that specific block will do. They may create a program simply by attaching these blocks together even without knowing how to read and write.
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