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SAP Security : Roles and Authorizations Coupon
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Role and authorization management for ECC6 and S4/HANA / SAP security

2.0 hr
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With more than 400,000 customers worldwide, SAP has established itself over the years as a reference in terms of ERP.

Rare are the software so powerful, and allowing to adapt to all types of business.

It allows a notable improvement of processes, increases the performance of companies and especially increases the communication and the exchange of information between services with its unique database.

Training on SAP today is clearly an excellent choice for the future. The areas of application are constantly expanding and the need for companies to improve productivity and quality is growing.

However, it must be recognized that it is as powerful as it is complex, which may seem disconcerting at first.

This course focuses on role and authorization management in SAP.

  • Who is this training for?

The topics covered will not only be of interest to those who work on one or more specific SAP modules. Indeed, it will be of interest to all SAP consultants, whether they are functional and/or technical. Moreover, the management of roles and authorizations is transverse to each SAP module. This is a tip / advice training for SAP consultants who would like to gain autonomy on the SAP security part, or consultants wishing to specialize in the field.

But not only!

It should also be of interest to project managers, IT specialists responsible for IT data management, but also to all other people who have to work proactively with SAP, such as Key Users or Business Owners. People who want to gain an in-depth understanding of the functionalities that are already in place in their company, or which functionalities they should consider for the future, as the software offers so many possibilities, will find this course useful.

As this course covers the necessary basics of rights management but also of IT to understand all the tools presented, people wishing to change careers in IT and more particularly in SAP are welcome.

However, I would advise you to have a taste for this field and to have a basic knowledge of SAP. If this is not the case, I refer you to my training "SAP Beginner - The Basics" before venturing into this one.

  • What will I learn?

This course is designed to be very comprehensive and is optimally broken down to allow you to follow at your own pace and to be able to easily access each short chapter.

We will cover the following topics:

  1. User master data maintenance

  2. Presentation and management of roles

  3. Presentation and management of authorization objects

  4. Case study: resolving authorization errors

  5. Tools to know

  • How will I learn?

The videos, articles and downloadable documents have been created to make learning enjoyable.

No reading of Powerpoint or other documents.

We wanted to make it more modern, more polished.

Moreover, each concept will be clearly explained before moving on to the "Software" part with the help of these explanation videos.

You don't need to have SAP installed on your PC. Everything will be shown to you directly in a real environment.

For those who would like to go further and practice directly in the software, I can advise you to visit the Michael Management website, to get a "Live Access" pass in the SAP environment. You will find the link in the last section of the course.

It is with this solution that we have created this course.

A little additional information: the language of the connection will be English. Learning the English terms will be very useful because they are the terms used in most industries, trainings, forums, ...

Don't worry, we explain each of these in French, whether you speak English or not. This will not be a hindrance.

  • What happens next?

At the end of this training, you will have learned a lot, not only about the notion of roles and authorizations, but also about the standard tools to use to solve authorization problems.

You will have all the tools you need to become a "complete" consultant.

But as we know that it is sometimes difficult to go beyond the teaching and that in concrete cases it is easy to get lost, we continue to provide you with help and support:

  1. By updating our training courses on a regular basis according to your feedback

  2. By an exchange system via Udemy, notably the Q&A but also by message

  3. By an email address, for more complex cases where it is necessary to send us files

  4. It is also possible to provide you with a personalized coaching system, according to your personal objectives

We want to be close to our community, and above all, to accompany you in your success.

"What you are tomorrow depends on what you do today".

So take the plunge. Do not hesitate. The best investment you can make is to invest in yourself!

The Key User Training team

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