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SAP Business Analyst / ERP BA / BA Role in SD,MM,FI. PART 2 Coupon
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[-7% Off] SAP Business Analyst / ERP BA / BA Role in SD,MM,FI. PART 2 Course Coupon

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SAP Business Analyst / ERP Business Analyst / Business Analyst Role in SD,MM,FI Functionality.

10.0 hr
80$ 74.99$
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About Course:

This course is the Part 2 for Understanding SAP Business Analyst/Business Analyst Role in an ERP/SAP Environment for SD-MM & FI modules. Like I explain in the Part 1 that every business analyst needs to understand the business and system they are dealing with, in this scope, to become an SAP Business Analyst; the individual needs to understand SAP environment, Perform Hands-on, Understand SAP terminology and the Business World.

The course contains sections for individuals looking to start their careers in the business analyst/SAP/ ERP world or understand how SAP/ERP system works from a Business Analyst point of view. We intend to take our students here on Udemy through a successful journey by breaking our course into Parts to help streamline workload, information, and knowledge being passed on to individuals that subscribe to become an SAP/ERP Business Analyst.

About Instructor:

With over 18 years of starting my career as a Computer Engineer then working as a Web & SQL Analyst, Business analyst, and SAP Sales & Distribution Consultant/Contractor in the Information System Management industry, I’ve gained a lot of valuable experience and knowledge. And today, I want to share that information with you. I’ll help you take the first step in a long and productive career as a business analyst.

In this course, I have condensed everything I’ve learned in all my years working in the IT industry into a comprehensive guide to the basic elements that make up the most important tool in any Business Analyst’s career – your foundational knowledge.

Building a successful future without a strong foundation is an impossible task…But when you have one in place, it’ll give your career the strongest possible start, and put you in a position to take the fullest advantage of the opportunities and experiences that come your way and achieve the success you’re dreaming of!

So, whether you’re an aspiring Business Analyst or one that’s new to the role – let this course be the first step of a lucrative and satisfying career.

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