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Salesforce Testbank |  Salesforce Admin 201 & PD1 Questions Coupon
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[-325% Off] Salesforce Testbank | Salesforce Admin 201 & PD1 Questions Course Coupon

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Exam like questions on Salesforce Admin 201 & Platform Developer PD1 so that you pass the exams in your first attempt

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No exam preparation can be considered without practicing some hard questions. But finding exam like questions is hard! - This test bank just solved your problem.

  • Exams Covered - Salesforce Admin 201 & Salesforce Platform Developer PD1

  • Question Sets - 4

  • Questions - 200

  • Time Needed - 8 Hours

  • Difficulty - Exam Like

Every question comes with an explanation so that you can LEARN and not just test your knowledge.

Simple way to pass your exams with this practice question set:

  • Attempt a question set

  • Look at your scores

  • Read the explanation of the answers you got wrong

  • Also read the explanation of the answers you got right

  • Attempt the next set and discover your improved results

  • Once you gain 80% in all our tests, Attempt the real exam!

You can retake these practice exams as many times as you want and will get support from instructor in clearing your doubts. You can attempt these on your computer as well as on the Udemy mobile app.

All the questions have been written from scratch after analyzing real questions for months and further have been vetted by an experienced professional from Salesforce Inc (The company) itself who has already cleared all the salesforce exam.

Though you will not need it, There is still a 30 days no questions asked Money Back Guarantee offered by Udemy which means that you can get a Refund if you don't like the experience.

Exam Topics Covered for Salesforce Admin 201 (As Per Official Exam)

  • Configuration and Setup 20%

    • Describe the information found in the company settings.

    • Distinguish and understand the administration of declarative configuration of the User Interface.

  • Object Manager and Lightning App Builder 20%

    • Describe the standard object architecture and relationship model.

    • Explain how to create, delete, and customize fields and page layouts on standard and custom objects, and know the implications of deleting fields.

  • Sales and Marketing Applications 12%

    • Given a scenario, identify the capabilities and implications of the sales process.

    • Given a scenario, apply the appropriate sales productivity features using opportunity tools.

  • Service and Support Applications 11%

    • Describe the capabilities of case management.

    • Given a scenario, identify how to automate case management.

  • Productivity and Collaboration 7%

    • Describe the capabilities of activity management.

    • Describe the features of Chatter.

  • Data and Analytics Management 14%

    • Describe the considerations when importing, updating, transferring, mass deleting, exporting and backing up data.

    • Describe the capabilities and implications of data validation tools.

  • Workflow/Process Automation 16%

    • Given a scenario, identify the appropriate automation solution based on the capabilities of the tool.

    • Describe capabilities and use cases for Flow.

Exam Topics Covered for Salesforce Platform Developer 1 (As Per Official Exam)

  • Logic and Process Automation 40%

    • Describe the capabilities of the declarative process automation features.

    • Declare variables, constants, methods, and use modifiers and interfaces in Apex.

  • Data Modeling and Management 13%

    • Given a set of requirements, determine, create, and access the appropriate data model, including objects, fields, and relationships.

    • Describe the capabilities of the various relationship types and custom IDs and the implications of each on record access and development.

  • User Interface 23%

    • Given a scenario, display content or modify Salesforce data using a Visualforce page and the appropriate controllers or extensions as needed.

    • Incorporate Visualforce pages into Lightning Platform applications.

  • Testing, Debugging and Deployment 17%

    • Write and execute tests for triggers, controllers, classes, flows, and processes using various sources of test data.

    • Describe the use cases for invoking Apex anonymous code and Apex unit tests.

  • Salesforce Fundamentals 7%

    • Describe the considerations and follow best practices when developing in a multi-tenant environment.

    • Understand design frameworks, such as MVC architecture and Lightning Component Framework, and how to build applications using both declarative and programmatic tools.

Best Of Luck for Your Salesforce Admin 201 & Salesforce Platform Developer  PD1 Examination.

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