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The Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II credential is designed for those who can demonstrate their skills and knowledge in advanced programmatic capabilities of the Force platform and data modeling to develop complex business logic and interfaces.

Here are some examples of the concepts you should understand to pass the exam:

Design, develop, test, and deploy programmatic solutions that are maintainable and re-usable

Follow Apex design patterns and object-oriented programming best practices


The Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II credential is comprised of three steps: (1) multiple-choice exam, (2) programming assignment, and (3) essay exam. To earn the Salesforce Certified Platinum Developer II credential, you must successfully complete all three components. Successful completion of the multiple-choice exam is required to move on to the programming assignment.

Multiple-choice Exam:

95  multiple-choice questions

120 minutes allotted to complete the exam

63% is the passing score

No hard-copy or online materials may be referenced during the exam

Prerequisite: Current status as a Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I

A full exam outline can be found in the Exam Guide

All proctored Salesforce certification exams can be scheduled as an onsite or online exam.

Programming Assignment:

The assignment consists of developing programmatic components of an application using Apex and Visualforce against a set of business requirements in a pre-configured Salesforce organization.

30 days are allotted to complete the Programming Assignment; plan to spend a minimum of 20 hours to complete the assignment.

A team of Salesforce experts evaluate Programming Assignment submissions.

Results are provided via email approximately 10-12 weeks following exam submission.

Successful completion of the Certified Platform Developer II multiple-choice exam is a prerequisite.

Essay Exam:

Instructions for how to register for the essay exam will be provided at the time the Programming Assignment is distributed.

The exam consists of three (3) essay questions related to your Programming Assignment solution; no additional study materials or preparation is required.

60 minutes allotted to complete the exam in a proctored environment.

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