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Robotic Process Automation: UiPath RPA Developer Masterclass Coupon
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[82% Off] Robotic Process Automation: UiPath RPA Developer Masterclass Course Coupon

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Learn to master the number #1 RPA developer tool - UiPath Studio

5.5 hr
15$ 84.99$
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The goal of this course is to provide you with all you need to know to become a job-ready Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Developer. We give you a brief overview of what RPA is, we get the UiPath Studio software installed, we go through important fundamentals in our tech primer and then we build robots. Many of them.

This course combines the best of two worlds by giving you a proper tech primer followed by many practice exercises. You will get your hands dirty and learn by doing; but you'll also have us by your side supporting you in your learning process. We have simply build the course we wished we had when starting out our own RPA Developer careers.

By the end of this course you will know:

  • What RPA is and how it works

  • The UiPath Studio developer software interface and workings

  • Programming concepts important for RPA development

  • To design, develop and deploy advanced robots

  • Best practices for automating business processes

  • What to do next to further improve your skills

Robotic Process Automation is a game-changing technology that is designed to automate high-volume, repeatable tasks that take up a large percentage of a workers’ time. Take this opportunity to prepare yourself for the future of work and get trained in one of the most in-demand skills.

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