[100% Off] Replacing jQuery with Vanilla JavaScript Udemy Coupon

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Vanilla JS instead of an additional 30 kB from jQuery, DOM API, modern browsers, Babel, polyfills, fetch, Promise
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Mateusz Chrzonstowski
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[100% Off] Replacing jQuery with Vanilla JavaScript Udemy Coupon

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How about jQuery? I think all the front-end developers have heard about the library using dollar sign as its main function…

Should we include jQuery in the new project? Is this still needed? In what cases? What were the advantages of jQuery and are they still important?

This course focuses on the newest JavaScript and browsers mechanisms, which can replace jQuery:

  • classList,

  • querySelector,

  • forEach,

  • dataset,

  • URLSearchParams,

  • fetch,

  • Promise,

  • spread operator

It also shows additional features and tools, which can help even together with jQuery, e.g. async/await or Animate.css.

There are well-known examples of the companies removing jQuery from their front-end parts. GitLab and GitHub to name a few. Moreover, the latter one switched from jQuery to Web Components, which are explained in detail in one of the course sections.

At the end of the course, you can find a solution for one of the biggest front-end problems – how to achieve a fully cross-browser solution and old browsers support (yes, including IE8). It’s doable thanks to polyfills and Babel or TypeScript. And the example project is well-explained in the course.

Instructors: Mateusz Chrzonstowski

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