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Remote Work Etiquette Coupon

[25% Off] Remote Work Etiquette Course Coupon

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Guidelines for Proper and Polite Behavior for Remote Workers

3.0 hr
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You probably know a thing or two about how to be an effective remote worker. But are you a polite remote worker?

Remote work became everyone’s favorite topic when millions of people, who had previously never been exposed to this way of working, were forced to figure out how to get their jobs done from their living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, or garages. A quick Google search will return thousands of how-to guides, videos, and articles on the subject.

Now that remote work has found its place in a post-pandemic world, it’s time to go beyond the quick tips on how to set up your desk, manage your time, and focus your attention. You also need to be mindful of how you communicate with others, considering the specific challenges of working from anywhere outside a company’s offices.

But, at the end of the day, why should you care about remote work etiquette? Why are polite rules of behavior important to your work? Is it just to make you look good, or is there a deeper meaning to all of this? The simple answer is that, when we act with consideration for other remote workers, we increase the chances of leveraging the power of groups and teams to achieve our goals. More specifically, you should care about remote work etiquette because some of the old rules just don’t apply to a remote environment, and there are new rules and guidelines to consider if you want to be an effective communicator, get people to like you, and ultimately become more effective at everything you do.

This course takes on the challenge of providing the foundational knowledge you need to communicate more effectively and build strong relationships with your colleagues.

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