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Duration: 7.0 hours

Implement Pragmatic Personal Agility Confidently from Day1

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This course is the outcome of Sudipta's passion for Agile. This course has been curated to equip and empower Scrum Masters, Leaders, Managers, Consultants and Agile Coaches with all the right templates, best practices, techniques, tools and enable them to perform their role confidently and with high level of competence from day 1.

After completing this course you will be able implement Agility and Agile confidently in your daily life as it will help you to Prioritize your daily Professional & Personal life tasks enabling you to perfectly maintain the Equilibrium between your Personal Life & Professional Life, produce better ROI, deliver more value added business Outcome and makes your Life happier".

The tutorial has been developed as a resource to understand, evaluate, and use agile and hybrid agile approaches. This practice guide provides guidance on when, where, and how to apply agile approaches and provides practical tools for practitioners and organizations to increase agility.

If you are a student, parent, graduate hire, tech developer, IT consultant, agile coach, scrum master, product owner, leader, manager, corporate change agent, CXOs, senior manager, part of a product management team, or an IT operator/ OPS, this tutorial is perfect for you to increase profitability, exceed productivity goals, and elevate work culture through Agile KANBAN, XP, FDD, DSDM, SCRUMBAN, and SCRUM methodology:

1. Background of Agile & Agility

2.  Agile - What it is

3. Common Agile Product Development Myths

4. Common SCRUM Ceremonies Myths and Misconceptions

5. Agile Delivery

6. The Agile Mindset

7. The Agile Methodologies, Templates and Frameworks

8. Agile Extension and the Agile Manifesto

9. Principles of Agile Business Analysis

10. Analysis at Multiple Horizons

11. Overview of the Three Horizons

12. Predictive, Iterative, and Adaptive Planning

13. Agile Extension Techniques

14. Backlog Refinement

15. Behaviour Driven Development

16. Impact Mapping

17. Estimation Types

18. Why do we need to Estimate

19. Estimation Strategies

20. Estimation Approaches

21. Estimation Techniques

22. Use Case based Estimation

23. Function Point Estimation

24. Relative Estimation

25. Agile Project Estimation

26. Planning Poker

27. Key Points for Agile Estimation

28. SLIM Estimation Tool

29. How accurate is the estimate

30. Monte Carlo Simulation

31. Formula for Successful Product Agility

32. Why Agile fails

33. Prioritization Techniques

34. Spikes

35. Minimal Viable Product

36. Personas

37. Portfolio Kanban

38. Personal Agility Case Study

39. Why Scrum

40. Implementing SCRUM - How to begin

41. Scrum Master - Anti Patterns

42. Agile-Glossary

43. Scrum 2020 Guide

44. Scrum Guide Changes

45. Key Takeaways.

Solving a client’s issue may require many complex work streams, so we set up a sprint...It’s a way of getting people to be collaborative, take accountability and feel empowered.

- Tamara Ingram

Chief Executive Officer,

J. Walter Thompson Company

Change is difficult, but the US government is also going agile. Are you aware that “The brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text?”

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