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Reflexology Course Coupon
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[40% Off] Reflexology Course Course Coupon

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Reflexology Lessons

3.0 hr
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Reflexology is known as an alternative treatment method that is performed by applying massage and pressure on the hands and ears, mostly on the feet. After the news in the press, citizens who did not know about this issue started to do research to get information about reflexology. So what is reflexology? Here are all the details about reflexology ...

Reflexology is an application method based on the principle of the presence of guiding reflex areas related to all parts of the body, organs and glands in the hands, soles and ears. Reflexology does not include the diagnosis, treatment or joint mobilization and manipulation of certain diseases. Reflexology is often applied to the patient's feet, hands, or ears by hands. Less frequently, tools such as massage device, massage stick, massage shaft can be used. This course will tell you exactly these and details.

Chakra can sometimes be seen as a theological or methylated term. However, it is not so. Chakra is the name and details of the energies of the foundation of life. Understanding the reason for living, choosing and determining the way of life, and even choosing.

This course will teach you exactly these, as well as in detail.

This course, which we have prepared by making use of valuable resources, consists of lessons that your teacher teaches you in a sincere and understandable language, giving you many examples.

The information presented in this course is constantly updated. We know that the Udemy certificate you will receive will offer you many opportunities in your life and career, as well as improving yourself. Increasing the lessons by continuously adding the information in this course by your teachers, academics and expert technical team requires you to check your course at frequent intervals. This course, which is your lifelong access, will continue to provide you with more up-to-date and different approach.

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