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 Recovery strategies in sport and exercise  Coupon
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[100% Off] Recovery strategies in sport and exercise Free Course Coupon

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The ability to recover quickly from an intensive training session or match can be extremely advantageous to sports performers. Sport and fitness participants are increasingly using strategies such as ice baths and compression clothing to enhance their recovery from intensive exercise, but how effective are these strategies? Do they really speed up the recovery process? To answer questions such as these this free course ‘Recovery strategies in sport and exercise’ investigates the science behi

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Recovery should be an important part of every sport and exercise participant’s training programme. All participants need to rest and recover after an intensive training session, but have you considered why this period of recovery is so important? The obvious answer to this is so that the individual is ready to take on their next training session and train to the best of their ability, but is there more to it than that? In this free course, Recovery strategies in sport and exercise, you will examine the purpose of recovery and consider the range of recovery strategies that individuals may employ to aid their recovery from training. In doing this we will critically evaluate research evidence and media perceptions of recovery from sport and exercise, and reflect on future directions for the topic.
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