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2.5 hours

How to draw realistic faces using the 15 minute technique, geometry and shading
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Unhinged Titan
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[100% Off] Realistic Portrait Drawing Udemy Coupon

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Drawing  Unhinged Titan’s Udemy Course

Recommended Tools & Resources:

1. Kneaded Eraser

2. Derwent Charcoal Set 4 (white, soft, medium, hard)

3. Assorted Sizes of Mechanical Erasers (like a mechanical pencil except eraser instead of lead)

4. Mechanical .5 pencil

5. Optional charcoal powder or find a stick of charcoal and use an exacto knife to make charcoal powder

6. A local art center that does live drawing sessions

-Newsprint Pad (recommended 18”x24”)

Color: None

In addition come with an open mind and a clean working environment where you can sit down. Otherwise invest in a french easel to set up so you can follow along.

Instructors: Unhinged Titan

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