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Real Application Cluster (RAC) on Oracle Cloud with hands-on Coupon
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[83% Off] Real Application Cluster (RAC) on Oracle Cloud with hands-on Course Coupon

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An extensive course of 21 lectures, 2 hours of video-based sessions on all about managing Oracle cloud RAC databases,12c

4.5 hr
15$ 89.99$
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Hello everyone my name is Zulqarnain Hayat welcome to my Oracle 12C RAC setup Course. My main goal is to let you get an Oracle 12c RAC environment up and running on your laptop in a minimal possible time and less resources. However if you follow that course you will be install Oracle 12c RAC database going through main installation steps using open filer shared storage. One of the biggest problems preventing people from setting up test RAC environments is the requirement for shared storage.  

As we know In a production environment, shared storage is often provided by a SAN or high-end NAS device like DEL EMC or netapp and from other storage vendors, but both of these options are very expensive when all you want to do is get some experience installing and using RAC. So alternative is to using Openfiler as shared storage which is same setup of using expensive SAN .Openfiler is an operating system that provides file-based network-attached storage and block-based storage area network.  

In this RAC Course will be covered all tasks with hands-On step by step.   

Setp-1 Requirements to Install Oracle 12c RAC Step-2 How to Download Oracle Virtual Box, OEL7 and Database Software Step-3 How to Create New Virtual Machine Step-4  How to Install Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL 7) on VirtualBox. Step-5 How to Perform Openfiler Installation Step-6 Configure Openfiler and Discover the LUN on RAC nodes

Step-7 How to Configure NTP Step-8 How to Deconfigure NTP if not using NTP service Step-9 How to Configure DNS Step-10 Create Oracle Software owner Group and User Step-11 Prepare ASM Disk for RAC Shared storage Step-12 Discover the partition on Node2 Step-13 Create ASM disk using ASM Lib Step-14 Configure user quibalance for oracle user or Configure ssh for oracle user. Step-15 Install RPMs Step-16 Configure Kernal Parameters Step-17 Copy and Unzip Software Step-18 Install Oracle Grid Infrastructure Step-19 Know issues Step-20 Install Oracle Database Software  12cR2 RAC Step-21 Create Oracle Database 12cR2 RAC Step-22 How to stop/start RAC database instances Step-23 Order to stop/start services Step-24 How to shutdown database server on rac env.

Part-2  Quick Labsetup using Oracle VIrtualBOX

Download Software and prepare Stage Directory for RAC LABSETUP

Virtual Box installation and virtual machines Setup

oracle linux operating system installation

Oracle installation prerequise and addition setup

Clone virtualmachine from racnod1 for racnode2

Setup and Create Shared Disks

Install the Grid Infrastructure

Install the Database Software

Create Databases

Oracle RAC stop and start order

Snapshot VMS

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