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RCA: Root cause analysis Coupon

[60% Off] RCA: Root cause analysis Course Coupon

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Giving you a step by step guide and extensive toolkit on how to conduct effective RCAs within an organisation.

3.0 hr
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Having the ability to Root Cause an issue as it arises within a team or organisation is a hugely important skill to have. The successful teams of the future are not going to be those who bring in a raft of Consultants every time things start to go wrong within a process or department. No, the successful teams will be those that have the knowledge and skills to fix these issues as and when they arise! By completing this course, you will start to make yourself so valuable to your team or, as a leader, your organisation, the opportunities that arise for you will be endless.

In this course, you will learn:

- What is a root cause analysis?

- What is the process required to conduct an RCA?

- The purpose and importance of RCA.

- Tools and methods required for RCA.

- Key points to consider when running an RCA.

- A case study example.

Organisations today are crying out for people that have the skills, knowledge and toolkits available to pivot quickly when a problem or issue occurs. Having these skills will enable you to remove bottlenecks quicker, understand the origins of errors better and in turn, speed up your key processes. THIS is adding value to your organisation - something that organisational leaders will be keen to see!

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